Italian photographers Gianni and Tiziana Baldizzone met in Madagascar in 1977.

Man, culture and environment inspire their work and for over thirty years now have been taking them to the most secluded areas of the world, (especially in Asia and Africa) where they witness of the life of people belonging to different civilizations and cultures.
By their photoreportages/photographs, they also contribute to the knowledge, comprehension/understanding and preservation of the extraordinary cultural biodiversity still existing on our planet.
To build up respect for people and their cultural diversity is part of Baldizzone’s work as photographers.

The meeting with the Other is at the heart of Tiziana and Gianni’s photographic approach.

“Thanks to man – they say – we have understood the extraordinary power of impact of photography: a means to us to communicate to the Other and with the Other in a language made of light, colours, shapes and above all intimacy. It is an ideal language to stir up emotions and pass on information at the same time".

Their idea of photography obeys the ethical rule of “sharing and understanding”.
They share their time with people and start shooting only once intimacy has been established and a sense of harmony has been attained.
As the natural continuation of an uninterrupted dialogue, each photographs is then an artistic creation and the expression of an intimate relation: it shows what it meant to be there and share that very instant with that man or that woman.

“Looking deep into somebody’s face or eyes through the lens – they say – means trying to understand: and trying to understand is the least one can do to compensate for the intrusion upon people’s private life or feelings.

Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone areauthors of more than twenty books.

Their photographs have been internationally exhibited. (you see) And published in international magazines (such as GEO, Grands Reportages, Polka Magazine, Science & Avenir, Terre Sauvage, The Geographical, D Repubblica, L’Espresso, Fotografia etc).

Gianni Baldizzone is Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London.


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