A story in eighty shots     



25 september 2008 - 8 december 2008
Square San Carlo

The Town of Turin and the Turin Museums Foundation with the cooperation of Turin Spirituality present Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone’s new photography exhibition in the historical San Carlo square.
Eighty blow-up photographs, lit up at night, each with a text including quotations from ancient texts about Buddha’s life.

The exhibition goes over the life of Siddartha, the Buddha, the prince who became an ascetic to free mankind from pain; the story of a man shocked by universality of pain and determined to find a way for man of every time to get rid of pain.
The  “story in 80 shots” goes from Siddhartha’s birth and golden existence in the family palace to his meeting with pain, illness and death; shows Siddhartha’s choice to leave the princely life, his quest for the Way of liberation, the Enlightment, his doctrine and teachings.
The photographers’ eye goes over the Buddha’s life focusing on intimacy and emotion to emphasize Buddha’s feelings and spirituality by evocative images taken today in places where Buddha lived and spread his doctrine.

The exhibition way consists in eight stages corresponding to eight phases of Buddha’s life – from birth to death and develops clockwise evoking a Buddhist kora.

The Baldizzones’ view
“Twenty-five centuries after Buddha’s death, in Bodhgaya, in the heart of today’s Bihar province, we sat in the site of the Enlightenment for several days before beginning our own quest, burdened with a difficult mission: to tell the story of Siddhartha through photographs of today to narrate the steps, the afflictions, the force of the man who became the Buddha and the spiritual inheritance – consisting of selfless love, knowledge, understanding, compassion and wisdom left to suffering Humanity by the prince.
The photographs of this exhibition are the result of a path taken both within time (in the “present” of the shot) and outside time (in the dimension of the Buddha and his teachings).
Transcending the historical-geographical context of his life, we translated the Buddha’s journey into “timeless” photographs, where light and shade become a metaphor of conscious and subconscious, of awareness and ignorance; colours and forms, each time represent and accentuate situations, feelings, or sensations.
We photographed both silence and confusion, emotion and meditation, destitution and injustice, the beginning of life and its end; bodies both young and ravaged by old age, poverty and illness, or already lifeless. Without ever forgetting - not even when faced with the harshest reality - to respect those who accepted us and allowed us to portray their suffering. These people will always be in our hearts.
We hope this exhibition may bring a message of inner serenity and peace, even where it is most difficult: when confronted with pain, injustice and death.”



The Town of Turin, The Foundation Turin Museums, IntesaSanPaolo, IntesaSanPaolo Private Banking, Eurizon, IGPDecaux, White Star Publishers, Turin Spirituality.
The Book

La mostra accompagna il libro: “Siddharta, il principe che divenne Buddha”, Edizioni White Star, Vercelli 2008. Fotografie di Tiziana e Gianni Baldizzone e testi di Marilia Albanese.
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